Replying to: SimonWoods @SimonWoods

@SimonWoods Sorry I was out of town and couldn't follow-up. I'm really glad that you are willing to understand the problem I have with the Western Media narrative.

Please check this video which echos my sentiments beautifully.

If you want to know more about how much media hypocrisy and double standards are applied for Muslims, I urge you browse this YouTube channel - Smile2Jannah.

Here's the latest hypocrisy of Alex Scott. I dare them lot to talk to Putin and see how that goes. It's really frustrating for me to see the constant bashing of Muslims and Islam in the Mainstream Media. This needs to be called out!

I never in a million years thought I would agree with Piers Morgan but his arguements for Qatar was spot on!

Sorry for the rant! Honestly, it is frustrating! But, Truth shall prevail!

Ridwan Jaafar @ridwan
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