Dave Ramsey and the Total Money Makeover

I just finished reading: The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Ramsey, Dave πŸ“š

Dave Ramsey has a polarising effect on people who are aware of his teachings and philosophy. This book is very much targeted for an American audience. But, the principles are universal and can be translated to every country and culture.

The Total Money Makeover shows a simple path to building wealth, long-term. The baby steps will take lots of focus and sacrifice. But, Dave’s Baby Steps will ensure one to keep their wealth because they have worked hard for it.

For someone struggling with crippling debt and living payslip to payslip, I think this book gives hope and encouragement. Should one choose to follow the Baby Steps, they definitely can become debt-free and build wealth; provided they work the plan and stick with it for long-term.

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