Flights Booked & I'm Really Exhausted

Today I spent most of my day over the phone booking flights, arranging PCR test and booking our hotel stay in London. I feel like my mind is working at a break-neck speed and it is exhausting. I remember reading David Allen’s GTD book where he talks about cognitive load and how it tires out your mind when you start to clarify the outcomes and next-actions. He is totally right. I’m glad things are improving with my father. But, Covid has infected his lungs and due to his age and side effects of powerful drugs administered, doctors have performed a tracheostomy to reduce further infection in his lungs and help him breathe without intubation. We are keeping hopes alive. That’s all we can do right and leave the rest the Almighty.

We had pizza for dinner and I think it’s the treat that I needed after a tiring week.

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