RT-PCR Test Done

Today we went to Leeds to get our RT-PCR Tests done. We are expecting the results within 48 hours. Hopefully, we get it by 10 pm tomorrow (12-Apr-2021). I’m in the final stages are flying out and I feel like I have got so many things to do and keep track of. I’m slowly learning to appreciate how far I have come in organising this trip with a lot of emotions in the background. There are times where I have felt knocked down one punch at a time. I think, journaling the process is helping me to cope with the stress and clarify my next actions. Here, I have to mention my Bullet Journal and its creator, Ryder Carroll, for helping me to stay calm amidst the storm.

My wife & I drove around Leeds to do a bit of shopping for our little cousins, nieces & nephews. And, we got a takeaway from this Arabic restaurant, Al Khaleej. It was delicious. We have some leftovers for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that! They had a wall art of the Holy Prophet’s saying on taking advantage of five matters before five other matters. I needed that reminder. It gave me so much peace.

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