I Can Go Home Now

My Day 8 COVID test is negative. I’m free to check out the hotel on 15th July 2021. I’m glad the managed quarantine is coming to an end. I cannot wait to get home and sleep on my own bed.

When I entered into hotel quarantine I thought it’s going to be boring and tiresome. It was! But, I have had my day job to keep me occupied during the daytime and Whatsapp video calls with the wife and family in the evenings. It didn’t feel so bad after all.

I am very impressed with the food menu. I have shared my daily food choices in this blog. Now, I have got one more day to go before I start cooking my own food. I want to get back on to my diet and shed the excess pandemic weight.

I’m looking forward to restarting my Storyworthy moments and posting regularly on Micro.blog

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