Has Cal Newport become a sleazy hype-man for "woke" products?

I have been a follower of Cal Newport’s work for several years. He’s a great guy. There’s no question about it.

I have listened to every episode of his Deep Questions podcast since day one. However, I have now started to resent new episode releases.

Cal has become a hype-man for products I have no interest in or add any value to my life. I understand that Cal needs the money for the podcast hosting and other expenses. But, at some point, when more than 10% of the episode length is filled with stupid ads and unauthentic hype for products, I doubt Cal will use if these were not sponsored, it is now annoying AF. This podcast started with good intentions. Now, it has become a sales pitch for stupid products disguised as a productivity advice show.

All is not bad from Cal. I do highly recommend his blog. That’s one thing he hasn’t polluted with these nonsense ads. And, I hope he keeps it that way.

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