My Pursuit for the Perfect Note Taking App

It is that time of the year where I’m looking for an alternative to Evernote.

My Evernote Premium (now Personal) subscription is up for renewal in October. I still think Evernote is a great service but my usage has drastically reduced. I find the mobile apps clunky and take ages to load up. For those reasons, I’ve been searching for a stable notes app that I can use on the web, Apple devices and Windows laptops.

I have started to explore Notion and am really impressed with its service and UX. A big but, I’m concerned that they do not have end-to-end encryption. If I’m going to upload a ton of data to their servers then I need to be certain that Notion has invested in an airtight security protocol. Unfortunately, they do not seem to have that in place at the moment. YouTuber harshibar explains the reason why we need to start focusing on privacy and data security really well. I highly recommend watching her video below.

My search continued for about a month or so. I stumbled upon this blog post on [Rooted Productivity]( where the author of [Noisy Deadlines]( blog uses [Standard Notes]( I have been trialling the app for nearly a month. I really like the app's simplicity and focus on "quick capture" of notes. I have subscribed to the 5-year Extended Plan which has a 30 days money-back guarantee. I understand this is a huge commitment but I'm trying to streamline the number of (app) subscriptions in 2021. And, the first thing to go is Evernote. So, welcome to Standard Notes and I'm looking to make this my Notes Hub.

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