Journaling Calms Me

Over the past few days I have been struggling mentally and physically. Maintaining a healthy relationship with our closest family members and a calm home environment really helps in our overall wellbeing. I have been suffering from repeated migraines and a sense of overwhelm for about two weeks. Two days back, something clicked in my head and I seemed to feel a sense of calmness in me. I do not know what has gotten in me? I felt like I can handle the challenges life throws at me.

One thing I always go back when I feel overwhelmed and anxious is journaling. I vowed to write 10 minutes a day, first thing in the afternoon. I have been doing it for the past four days and I feel good. I never read my previous journal entires but lately I wanted to review my entries every week and jot down my learnings and reflections as a blog post. It may not be the greatest piece of literature but it will be mine and I’m OK with that. This sense of acceptance came from Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work book where he talks about sharing and documenting your work rather than creating a masterpiece.

This post itself is sort of my reflections on my previous journal entries on my thoughts and feeling on journaling. And, how journaling always helps me to calm my anxiety and reassures me that I can always handle whatever life throws at me.

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