3 Good Things

Inspired by the Science of Happiness podcast episode, I’m starting this practice of writing down three good things that went well that day and reflecting upon them for a minute or two? I look forward to this practice. This will help me focus on the positive things and develop gratitude without even thinking about it.

I shall be sharing them on my Micro.blog, and I welcome everyone to join the practice.

Today’s three good things:

I published the 4th edition of my weekly newsletter, The Musk. It feels good to reflect on the previous days and pick out things I am grateful for, lessons learned and areas of improvement. I’m just four weeks in. I can see myself trying this out for 4 more weeks and beyond.

I started this three good things practice. There’s a lot of research around the Three Good Things practice. I heard about this back in 2018 when I started listening to the Science of Happiness podcast. I did the exercise for a few days and totally forgot about it. Now, I think it is about time to reflect upon the good things that come to us and be grateful for them. Here’s the video of Dr Martin Seligman describing the process:

I had a good workout session. I mixed 10 minutes of jogging followed by 5 minutes of walking and alternated them for around 50 minutes. I felt energised after the session and felt really good to push myself for a bit.

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