On 22nd December, I got my booster jab for COVID-19. It was a Pfizer booster vaccine. My first two jabs were Pfizer so I wasn’t expecting any major negative reactions.

The booster jab knocked me out with a headache. I spent the next day sleeping and lying on the sofa. Paracetamol tablets helped me relieve the pain. I started getting better in the evening such that I was able to have a proper shower, clean the toilet & shower cubicle and go to the gym for an hour-long walk.

I’m truly grateful to receive the booster jab in a matter of days after 90 days period since the second vaccine jab. I’m thankful to the NHS staff, doctors, scientists and many others who are fighting tirelessly to save us from this pandemic. And, the least we can do is be grateful and take the vaccine to save ourselves and our families.

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