Today is my 39th birthday, and I feel mixed emotions about it. Looking back on the past year of my life, I see good and bad times. The most significant moment was becoming a father on September 1st, 2023. Since then, my life has taken on a new meaning and purpose. I’m approaching a significant milestone in life as I will soon turn 40 years old. It’s an important year, and I’m reflecting on everything I’ve experienced. I have lived a relatively carefree and pampered life. When I realise the finitude of life, I intend to pursue growth and excellence and be the father my little boy will be proud of.

May Allah, the Almighty, give me the strength and wisdom to navigate the remainder of my time devoted to family, learning, and excellence in worldly affairs. And make that the pathway to leave a legacy and prepare for my journey beyond time. Ameen.

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